Re: Rock Island "Anniversary" Boxcars


Pics I've seen and roster information seems to bear this out. Not
unlike MR coming out with the NEXT month's issue about the end of
the 1st week of any month.

Jerry Glow

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Al Hentsch wrote:

Hi first post for me.I have seen Rock Island 100 years of
progress with the year 1952 on the RI >when they were new in Joliet
Ill and I do remember the logo had 1952 in it.There was about 25 of
them pulled by a steam switcher.One has to be incorrect or did the
RI have the same logo with >two different dates?Thanks

While the anniversary herald says "1952", the built date of
the car is 11-51, so Rock Island obviously was anticipating
their big event and having new orders of cars painted thus.
Kadee rarely, if ever, makes mistakes with their paint jobs,
so I tend to trust the built-dates on these models.

Shawn Beckert

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