Re: What Front range and CB&T kits have any value

Bill McCoy <bugsy451@...>

I take it this is the welded 50' DD you are talking about so I'll
earmark my welded FR 50' car to be an SP. Is it a B50-35 or 36 or
37? What underframe would it have?

This leaves finding prototypes for the other cars.


Bill McCoy

d--- In STMFC@..., Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@c...>

The ends on the FR/Accurail cars are R+3/4, and is similar to the
ends on the SP B-50-35, -36 and -38 which were all quite similar
looking cars with the same number of side panels, same roof and
same ends. The Accurail car was numbered as a B-50-35 #210836 and
I have a 1955 photo of the prototype car lettered the same way.

Tim O.

Are the ends on the prototype car the "early" or "late"
The Accurail car has the late ends, but I'd have to clean off
molded-on end ladders anyway so it would be easier to just glue
some replacement Branchline ends.
Is there a good photo or book avialable which shows this
series or car? And what is the number series?
Are we talking single or double door? pre- or post-1956?
B-50-34 I mentioned earlier does NOT have the late ends.

Tony Thompson

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