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Shawn,Ok thank`s I should have looked at the builders date.Thank`s


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Al Hentsch wrote:

>Hi first post for me.I have seen Rock Island 100 years of progress with the year 1952 on the RI >when they were new in Joliet Ill and I do remember the logo had 1952 in it.There was about 25 of >them pulled by a steam switcher.One has to be incorrect or did the RI have the same logo with >two different dates?Thanks

While the anniversary herald says "1952", the built date of
the car is 11-51, so Rock Island obviously was anticipating
their big event and having new orders of cars painted thus.
Kadee rarely, if ever, makes mistakes with their paint jobs,
so I tend to trust the built-dates on these models.

Shawn Beckert

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