Re: other PS-1 Boxcars, incl. P&WV and PRR

Ed Hawkins

On Thursday, February 10, 2005, at 11:14 AM, Gatwood, Elden wrote:

While we're on the subject, do any of you know the detail differences
between the Kadee offerings and the P&WV PS-1's?  I understand the end
panels on the roof were flat, but I have never seen a photo of same.  I
also understand there were other detail differences with the early
PS-1's?  Maybe sill tabs?  Given the existence of Jack Consoli's super
P&WV decal set, I really would like to do that car.

I also understand that P&WV did their change to black paint in 1958.
Did that also involve a change in lettering to include the "symbol of
service" logo, or did that occur earlier?  Have these guys been covered
in print anywhere?

Also, does anyone know if Kadee plans to issue a PS-1 with the early
cushioned underframe arrangement that was present on the PRR PS-1's?
Were they that uncommon that this would make a bad business decision,
is there another reason Kadee has opted not to do that car?
The 1947-48 built PS-1s differed in several ways from the 1950 and
later cars. The outermost roof panels were flat. the ends lacked the 6
pressed rectangular stiffeners directly under the peak, the side sill
tabs were somewhat different, and the end grab arrangement was mounted
differently. The underframes may have also differed but I would need to
refer to P-S engineering drawings for any comparisons. Among other
possible differences, the early PS-1s lacked a crosstie at the center
of the door. Making the modifications to the body is not particularly
difficult since material can be removed from the existing Kadee model
(or InterMountain) with X-Acto blades, files, and sanding. The end grab
will likely require scratchbuilding. The doors of all PS-1s built
1947-48 were 7-panel Superior with equal-spaced panels and the placards.

As was discussed not long ago on this list, it's very doubtful if Kadee
would go to the expense to tool the cushioned underframe for the cars
built under lot 8160. The 20 PS-1s owned by PRR were part of an order
of 100 cars built early 1954 and sold in relatively small quantities to
eight railroads. An article about these cars and their cushioned
underframes was written by Jim Kinkaid in the Jan. 2002 Mainline
Ed Hawkins

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