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Interesting photos on the UofP site, especially this one:

I've never seen a photo of a boxcar with it's number on the roof. Anyone
know how common this was?

Ray Breyer

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I just wanted to bring to your attention my current most-used resources
for modeling motivation and ideas, with the hope that you might find
them to be the same.

The other is something I keep browsing, and have a growing list of
copies from, and that is the University of Pittsburgh's digital library.
There are hundreds of wonderful photos (albeit in B&W) that show
numerous subjects you might like. They have many photos from the P&LE's
photo library now scanned, and I have found numerous mislabeled photos
that show freight cars in situations in which I have never seen them.
There is a great shot of an old P&LE box in the "Serves the Steel
Centers" scheme being cut and spliced into a longer version, as just one
example. They also have numerous artistic shots from the collections
that have, that can be reproduced by them in large formats. Just the
ticket for your office wall!

Have a super day,

Elden Gatwood

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