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I'd like build a single door car, only so I don't have to hunt
down another pair of doors. Is that what the B-50-34 was? The photo
in the magazine (my only source) shows a double door car, but not
close enough to see the panel layout on the side. The ends on the
Accurail car are the late IDE style. I'd like to build a car with
the early IDE's simply because I have some Branchline ends in a bag
on the bench, and that would save me from carving the ladders out of
all of those dents!
To that end, when was the B-50-34 series constructed, and what
was the number series? I'd like to get a photo (Bob's or a Sunshine
book?) to see what the car looks like... things like: a good look at
the straight sills that you mentioned.
As for the year, I was trying to stick with '50 through '55,
but now have to go out to '56: a very bad person insisted that I
needed a Kadee PS2 in Rutland colors. :)

Best regards,
Phil Buchwald

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Are we talking single or double door? pre- or post-1956?
B-50-34 I mentioned earlier does NOT have the late ends.

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