Greg Martin


The PRRT&HS Modeling Committee has contacted nearly all Model manufacturers
with regard to the use of the PRRT&HS archive as they relate to upcoming
projects. Some have made good use of the valued information. We have not
discriminated against any regardless of the perceived markets they address, none.
WE ARE PROACTIVE... That being said we are actively soliciting PRR projects as

Without intervention the new BLI stock car would have been a miserable
mistake but Ben Hom ( freight car coordinator) was able to help make Chicken Soup
out of Chicken Poop... at least as far as the paint and lettering was
concerned and they listened well.

For us it is a labor of love and a return of respect to the modeling
community. I will not mention who has used the archives or for what projects, that
is not fair for those wishing to do many of the same projects in the future.

Let me say that had KADEE used the tools the committee provides it would not
have been released with the errors it has without being told of the errors
prior. We would have at least given them the compromises and they do with the
information as they see fit. We as a committee try to focus on what we can
change and except those that we can not, but try, in the future, to help the
modeler recognize the difference and offer those corrections through our venue
of TKM. We are dedicated to that for you all.

There are other projects in the works and completed that have been
"bettered" from our offerings... The Cost, just our time and a request that they join
as a Corporate member, but that is not even an absolute, but a

With respect to all manufacturers, we are here to help and we would
appreciate being involved, as a committee, from the very beginning.

Greg Martin

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