Re: Need car class help for spring of 1955 - NP 25404

Rufus Cone <cone@...>

NP 25000 series
40'6" XM Steel Box Car
Capy 100000
6' door
Murphy Roof
A-3 Ride Control trucks
Built by NP 1951

Garrett Rea wrote:


As part of the research on the West Nashville, TN iron stove industry study that is currently being discussed on the Tennessee Central SIG Yahoo group list, we have hit some good info from a spring of 1955 Tally book for TC trains 81 and 84. Many of the east-bound trains have loaded boxcars with stoves heading east over the Tennessee Central to points east from the interchange on the Southern in Harriman.

Jeff "Jeffro" Rich has come up with the following list of eastbound cars with stoves. The first few we are good on, but the list goes south fast:

PRR 602273 (X43a, ACF)
PRR 87597 (X46, Altoona)
NC&StL 22240 (XM, PS-1)
NYC 169382 (Lot 798B PS-1)
RDG 101045 (XMt? X29 clone)
C&O 289370 (ex-PM rebuilt PSC car?)
B&O 380590
SP 65088
NP 25404
Milw. 25328
CB&Q 7196 [SS]?
IC 32139
NS [old] 27194

If someone can give us some class info for the following cars by filling in some blanks, that would be a big help.

Garrett Rea

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