Re: H-34 color

Ed Hawkins

On Monday, February 14, 2005, at 08:23 AM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

P.S. The worst ever paint matching might be the Kato ACF covered
hoppers. Their Cotton Belt models were GREEN, while the prototype
used a light gray color!
Not true. This model very closely matched an AC&F paint sample that I
sent to Kato at the time. There were several roads, including L&N, that
used a olive-green shade of gray. I agree it looks somewhat unrealistic
on a model, but the paint sample is what it is. I will add that not all
SSW covered hoppers used the same color of paint. Some were a much
lighter shade of gray without the green tones. In looking at four
different ACF paint samples produced for Mopac covered hoppers over a
relatively short span of about 5-6 years, the paint samples are
completely different with some being fairly light, others being quite
dark, one matching "Floquil Concrete" and another one that looks more
like beige. Crazy.
Ed Hawkins

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