Re: PRR H34A PS-2 (forget the RI PS-1 box car)


Hello Mr. Greg Martin,

Please contact me off list at mail@... and I'll be happy to discuss
your issues about our PS-2 PRR hopper. We welcome comments good or bad about
our products and if you need accurate information about our products just
simply ask us.

We find it somewhat disturbing that you have never contacted Kadee
directly about your mentioned issues concerning our PRR PS-2 covered hopper?
We released this PRR hopper in March of 2004, it sold like crazy and
never, until now (indirectly), have we heard of any discrepancies about this

For those of the STMFC interested in the PRR hopper roster and have
access to the PRRT&HS publication "The Keystone" the following references an
article you'd be interested in.

From the Summer 2002 issue of PRRT&HS "The Keystone" written by Rick
Tipton on page 37 you'll find a very nice roster of PRR hoppers. Please note
that all but the H-34A and the rebuilt H-34D were built by Pullman Standard
Butler Plant. The H-34A were built by the PRR from kits provided by Pullman,
therefore there is no actual Pullman lot number for this series of hoppers.
As Ed Hawkins noted these are the only PRR PS-2s that we can do because of
certain details that do not match the common PS-2s we produce.

Sam Clarke
Kadee Quality Products

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The guy that owns the list writes:

This example has nothing whatever to do with the argument about the as
paint on the Pennsy hopper [ I have not seen the photo ] and I offer it
to suggest that color photos DO have their uses. I find this concept very
useful in dispelling beliefs in the consistency of painting operations
[ a
subject currently under discussion on the Passenger Car Group ].
Don't be so quick to discount your conclusion as irrelevant, it is right
the money and supports what we know of the color of the KADEEE car.
that a car from another producer is in the photo, and the two colors are
same and then compared to the model we can conclude it is wrong.

The issue of color drift cards is only to familiar and we have a committee
that is looking into those issues as well. I refuse to go down that road
as 60
year old drift cards are meaningless unless they were properly stored.
let's not go there...

Greg Martin

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