Re: Kato SSW covered hoppers paint color

Tim O'Connor

Ed Hawkins wrote

This model very closely matched an AC&F paint sample that I sent
to Kato at the time. There were several roads, including L&N, that
used a olive-green shade of gray. I agree it looks somewhat unrealistic
on a model, but the paint sample is what it is. I will add that not all
SSW covered hoppers used the same color of paint.
Ed, I know you've said that before, but...

I have black/white builder shots of SSW 77009 (77000-77049, 1949) and
SSW 77050 (77050-77099, 1951) and if either one of them is green or
even greenish, I'll eat my hat! I have had Scalecoat paint go bad and
turn a sick green color. :-) But if someone comes up with a color photo
of the 1949 cars, that might help!

Tim O.

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