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Benjamin Hom <b.hom@...>

Jan Kohl asked:
Information about these photos would be most appreciated:

Garth Groff replied:
"Sand Springs Railway was (is?) a shortline in Oklahoma, formerly an
interurban. I believe the car in question is ex-Frisco, and was
originally a single-sheathed wood car. The Frisco cars were written up
in one of the very early RPCs, maybe volume 2 or 3, so this resource
might be of some help."

The cars in question certainly look ex-Frisco, but were actually purchased
new by SSRY from General American. SL-SF rebuilt the four SSRY cars in a
similar manner to their own Howe Truss boxcars, replacing the wood sheathing
with sheet steel. Sunshine offers these cars in HO as kit #39.21. See Ted
Culotta's website for more information on these cars and a photo of SSRY

Additionally, there is Will Whittaker photo of SSRY 121 on the pay side of
the RPI website:

The Frisco Howe Truss cars are covered in RPCyc Volumes 1 and 2.

Ben Hom

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