Re: Need car class help for spring of 1955

Benjamin Hom <b.hom@...>

Garrett Rea's list - what we know:
PRR 602273 (X43a, ACF)
PRR 87597 (X46, Altoona)
NC&StL 22240 (XM, PS-1)
NYC 169382 (Lot 798-B PS-1)
RDG 101045 (XMu, 9'3" IH, 8 panel sides X29/USRA-design steel boxcar
B&O 380590 (M-53 "Wagontop", 1937, B&O 380000-381999)
CB&Q 7196 (XA-12, CB&Q, PSC, 1930)
SP 65088 (A-50-14 50' auto boxcar, 1940-41, Mt. Vernon, SP 64925-65424)
NP 25404 (Postwar AAR boxcar, 1951, NP Brainerd Shops, NP 25000-25999)

C&O 289370 (ex-PM rebuilt PSC car?)
Yes - originally PM 89370, Pratt Truss SS automobile boxcar, 1929, PSC, with
Hutchins roof and ends. Rebuilt with new steel sides and roof c. 1951 by
C&O. See page 144 of Million/Paton "Pere Marquette Revenue Freight Cars"
for more information and page 146 for photo.

Ben Hom

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