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Thanks Dave and Ben - I appreciate the info and references. Very helpful. I had no idea the X29 was to be found in so many variants for so many railroads. I find it amusing that after my X28a question I ordered a couple of the Red Caboose models to do a kitbash. Now it looks like another couple will be required. It seems my research keeps leading me to photos of cars that Sunshine has discontinued. Go Figure!

In terms of bashing this N&W car, were patch panels as much the rage at N&W or did they have a different solution to the rust problem?

Rob Kirkham

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Rob Kirkham wrote:
"I've uploaded a snap shot of N&W41366 to the STMFPH files at the
following link:
under the name N&W boxcar. It is shown in a train along the CPR
main line in British Columbia - not precisely dated - could be 30's,
could be 40's. According to my Jan 1953 ORER, it is a 9' 3"
interior height car. I can't say much more about it, but would
appreciate modelling suggestions."

Here are more photos of N&W Class BPa from the Virginia Tech N&W
Historical Photo Collection, both before and after removal of the
auxiliary doors:


The last photo shows one of the cars with roof hatches that Jim
Brewer described earlier.

As for modeling these cars, my suggestions are the same as PRR Class
X28 (detailed in post #37335): acquire and build the Sunshine kit
(26.16 or 26.17); kitbash the Red Caboose model by splicing two
bodies to increase the height of the car and ignore the lack of
the "odd panel" to the left of the door, or use the Red Caboose
model as-is and live with the height discrepancy. I'm less inclined
to accept the third option, as the increased height of the car is a
distinctive spotting feature, especially if you have the proper
abundance of PRR X29, 1923 proposed ARA design steel boxcars, and
CP "miniboxes" on your layout.

Ben Hom

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