Re: PRR X29s & NYC USRA Box Cars


Sorry Ben,my thought was in reference to the availability of Pennsy box
car kits other than the X29.In fact, I have more X29s than all other PRR box
cars on my roster.Armand Premo

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Armand Premo wrote:
IMHO there are far too few Pennsy steel Box Cars other than the
X29s. For what it's worth.

In what context? Available kits? Layout representation?

I don't buy your argument from a model railroad fleet perspective.
The X29 made up over 40% of the PRR general service boxcar fleet in
1950 (approximately 25,000 X29, approximately 60,000 total PRR XM).
Because of its low height, it's instantly recognizable as a Pennsy
boxcar, making it a "signature car" as well. I do agree with you
that for the other 60%, you can use more variety as the other steel
boxcar classes are, for the most part, much smaller, but any way you
slice it, the X29 should be your most numerous PRR boxcar on your
layout, no matter what North American standard gauge railroad you

Ben Hom

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