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Hello Mr. Turner,

Unfortunately, neither of our undec PS-2s would be a direct suitable
match for the SOU PS-2s. The Southern had 3 Pullman lots of these hopper
cars and all of them have the much less common "narrow" hatch spacing.
If someone can find a good photo of the Central of Georgia PS-2s
repainted in the Southern scheme then we could produce a SOU hopper or you
could use either of our undecs for a repainted C of G hopper in the SOU
scheme, since the C of G had a series of PS-2s in both the channel and rib
side body styles.

Sam Clarke
Kadee Quality Products

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Now that Kadee has released the undec PS-2s, which would be appropriate
for one or more of the SOU fleet? According to the KD site:

8201 has build dates from 57-58 and has notched roof hatch covers, hat rib
sides, and box defect card holder.

8601 has build dates from 54-56 and has strap roof hatch covers, channeled
sides, and box defect card holder.

The earlier car fits my modeling period better. I have stared at several
photos and am baffled. TIA.

Mike Turner
Simpsonville, SC

PS: Then we get to the required changes... :)

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