Re: War Emergency Hopper

Richard Hendrickson

Mike Brock wrote:

I have managed to acquire a couple of P2K War Emergency hoppers.... I
notice >that the real CB&Q version lasted for some least one
still with wood >sides as late as '71. I also notice that 398 of the ATSF
cars were still in >service in '53. Richard, I believe you noted that
these cars received steel >replacement sides in '58. Were the cars in
original condition until then?
Yes. Some other RRs began the replacement of wood side sheathing somewhat
earlier (the C&O as early as 1948, as I recall) but most other owners did
it in the late 1950s. Some B&O cars were never re-sheathed, and the Q cars
were given general repairs ca. 1958, including new wood sheathing, and
returned to service in their original form, after which they lasted well
into the 1960s.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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