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mike turner <yardcoolieyahoo@...>

Yes. Kadee is building a good reputation building accurate models and giving correct information. At least with me.

If Kadee is not going to do the narrow spaced hatches (and they did not say either way), does anyone know a source of Kadee roofs and/or hatches? I scanned their parts lists and did not see a candiate. Cutting and transplanting a few hatches should occupy a few hours. :)

Mike Turner
Simpsonville, SC

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Mr. Clarke,

Wow. I did not expect a reply from Kadee on this list. Now the hunt begins for a "good" photo or several. Thank you.

---> Especially one that basically said "Neither one of our products is correct for what you want." That is commendable for a manufacturer to do. Thanks Sam!

Take Care!

Brian R. Termunde
West Jordan, Utah
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