1932 Box Car Ends

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I just put a dial caliper on a Details West (DW-1000/DW-1001)
Dreadnaught end and compared it to a Branchline IDE. Interestingly,
the scale width difference between the two is 5.79" The inside width
difference between the 1932 ARA and the later AAR cars was 5". In
HO, 0.79" scales out to 0.009" Now, my hair is getting a little
thin, but even so, when I set the calipers to 0.009", I can't slide
a hair through the blades. It looks like these are close enough for
a kit bash.
The height is a little short (about 2.88"), but it is easier to
add a little than to split an end down the middle and take out 5
scale inches.
Has anyone else tried these ends for a 1932 ARA car? They come in
both square and W corner post.
Also, I was told that the DW ends are meant to replace the ends on
the old Athearn steel side reefers, which are models of the PFE
reefers. Were the prototype cars based on the 1932 design?

Phil Buchwald

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