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Rob Kirkham <rdkirkham@...>

Thanks Ben

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Rob Kirkham asked:
"The two cars I would like to identify to the extent its possible are the
ATSF car (second car back of the engine), and hopefully some guesses
regarding the box car 5 back, just ahead of the Dominion/fowler car. "

Scott Pitzer responded:
"For the one ahead of the Dominion car, I see...ILLINOIS CENTRAL on the left
above the reporting marks and MAINLINE OF MID-AMERICA on the right side."

It's extremely difficult to tell whether or not this car is a pre-war or
post-war car as not enough of the end is visible and the door details are
non-existent. The most likely possibilities are:

- Pre-war car: IC Modified 1937 AAR boxcar, 10' 4" IH, both square corner
and round corner variations. See table at
for specific information. To model this car, use the Intermountain Modified
1937 AAR boxcar kit, plus Sunshine mini-kit MK.10B for those cars with
square corner ends.

- Post-war car: Most likely IC 27000-27499, 10' 6" IH, 6 ft Youngstown
doors, Universal hand brake, Morton running boards, ASF A-3 Ride Control

Ben Hom

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