Re: 1932 Box Car Ends

buchwaldfam <duff@...>

Maybe Intermountain could use some of the tooling for their
R-40-10 as a start for a plastic 1932 ARA Box car? ;>

Is the Thompson Reefer book still in print?

Phil Buchwald

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From Phil Buchwald:

Also, I was told that the DW ends are meant to replace the ends
the old Athearn steel side reefers, which are models of the PFE
reefers. Were the prototype cars based on the 1932 design?
Both statements are essentially true. Regarding the relationship
of the
PFE R-40-10 class to the 1932 AAR box car, see Thompson, et. al.
p. 161.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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