Re: History of corrugated box car ends?

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Dean Payne wrote:
I gotta admit, I find myself a bit puzzled about the
advantage of corrugated over plate; I guess it's to add strength when
a load shifts and clobbers the end due to braking or slack action. I
think they tried corrugated sides on some gons, right? The sides
still got all beat up... and I don't remember seeing a photo of a
plate end car with dents indicating a need for the strength of a
corrugated end... I don't remember any corrugated end photos with
end damage, either.
It's primarily stiffness, not strength, Dean; the strength depends on the thickness of the steel sheet, while the stiffness depends on the geometry of its arrangement. Think corrugated cardboard, which is really only heavy paper.
Oh yes, corrugated steel ends sure did get bulged and dented from the inside. There are numerous photos out there.

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