Re: Prototype for the old Walthers 40 plug door steel car and 40' SS cars?

Benjamin Hom <b.hom@...>

Andy Miller wrote:
"ATSF also had cars similar to this but that required even more work. I
recall of the top of my head what it was."

An easier approach to the SFRD plug door reefers is to use the C&BT A1, B1,
C1, and E1 Santa Fe reefer kits, or the Sunshine 43 series kits (still
available). The C&BT plug door kits have not been superceded by the
Intermountain models and are worth hanging on to if you can find them. See
Jordan/Hendrickson/Moore/Hale's Refrigerator Cars for specific information
on these cars:

Ben Hom

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