Re: History of corrugated box car ends?

rwitt_2000 <rmwitt@...>

Richard Hendrickson wrote:

Other types of steel ends were developed (e.g. Vulcan vertical
corrugated and Hutchins in the 1920s, Buckeye and Deco in the early
1930s) but were never widely adopted.<

I was looking at patents for freight car ends at the US Patent Office
web site some months ago and I noticed that there were literally
hundreds of patents granted for metal/corrugated freight car ends from
~1910 to ~1930. Some, I recall, predated 1910. There were multiple
patents for ends with "bulls-eye", "vertical corrugations", horizontal
corrugations, etc. Obviously very few ever became commercial products.
I never did find a patent for what Chris Barkan terms " the
indestructible end".

Bob Witt

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