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Andy Cich <ajc5150@...>


Your list included one of my favorite subjects: freight cars of the Chicago
short lines.


The P2K flat car can be used for EJ&E 6375-6574 & 6575-6774
The Sunshine gift and minikit from Naperville 2003 is for EJ&E 60400-60899
The discontinued Sunshine kit you mentioned was for the EJ&E steel rebuilds.
EJ&E had lots of covered hoppers. I haven't completed my homework, but the
Kato or Bowser cars look promising.
I haven't had any luck yet matching a gondola.

The Tichy or F&C War Emergency gondola is good for IHB 6000-6299. There
have been recent articles published in both RMJ and RMC covering this car.
See the 12/96 issue of RMJ for modeling 10'6" IH boxcars. (10600-10999)
Sunshine 30.15 is a model of an IHB flatcar.

BRC (You didn't mention this one but they had few revenue freight cars)
I have a photo of BRC 865. It looks to be an ex-PRR X31A.
Their other freight cars I have discovered seem to be quite a batch of
odd-balls. I need to find more info but XM 802-850 look promising. These
were 36'5" IL single sheath cars with steel underframes. They had 6'1"
doors. Cars 852-862 had identical dimensions as the 802-850 cars, but they
didn't have roofs and were used for coke service.
Cars 2000-2049 were 33'0" IL 2171 cu ft. twin bay steel hopper cars. I
would like to find a photo of one of these cars to see if there is modeling

I hope some or all of this helps.

Andy Cich

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