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I have often had to solve this problem by using old Red Ball trucks. They
were cast in type metal and weighed several ounces. They were pretty, but
their rolling characteristics are far from current standards.


Andy Miller

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On Feb 23, 2005, at 8:55 PM, Jerry wrote:

At Naperville this year Sunshine Models had a large offering
of gondola cars kits. While I personal did not buy any of the
new kits at that time, I was interested in the C&NW offering
but had one question about the kit that someone on this list
might be able to answer. How, or did Sunshine, include any
provision to weight this model? Is the floor weighted, or
am I left to my own means to figure out how to weight the
underframe so I can enjoy to great interior detailing the
car has to offer? Perhaps somebody on the list here has this
kit and can tell me.

You're on your own. When I built the ACL car, I added thin sheet metal
between the underframe and floor castings. It's not enough, so I went back
and added squares of lead between the crossties and crossbearers.
It's not pretty, but functional and no one will see it anyway.

Ted Culotta

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