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Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my message. I could
also have been more careful in my definition of a "small" road, and I
hope I did not offend anyone.

Your assessment is certainly correct. The projects I do are one thing,
but scratching those riveted URR throw-backs would be a whole different
ball game. A nice kit-bash is more within my range of talents.

I will look up your article(s) on the EJ&E gon, as that is definitely
something I should have, as is the IHB WE gon.

I did want to make everyone aware, however, that Jack Consoli made some
great decals for some Pittsburgh-area roads' freight cars, including
B&LE, P&WV, URR, and McK Con. One would hope that some of the cars
would eventually come out, somehow. And the decals are good for some
cars that already exist, or may be easily bashed. For those interested,
drop me a line and I will get you in contact.

Elden Gatwood

Elden Gatwood writes:

I know of some small roads represented in model form by Westerfield and
Sunshine, but I was wondering if you have ever seen any models of
(accurate) freight cars, or good photo/data resources for the

I'm responding only on those RRs for whose cars I have photographic

Delray Connecting RR owned about 150 hopper cars and 70 41' gondolas.
gons were 10 panel steel cars and could be kitbashed from an MDC or
Sunshine kit. Lettering would have to be done one character at a time.

Hardly a small RR, and others have pointed out that Sunshine has, in the
past, offered kits for a couple of EJ&E box cars, and also that L-L did
factory lettered EJ&E AAR 50 ton flat car. EJ&E also had a lot of 50'
steel mill gons with straight side sills and fishbelly center sills, and
many years ago I managed to kitbash a fairly decent replica of one of
by cutting up a couple of Athearn gondola bodies into many sections and
re-assembling the pieces.

Again, IHB hardly qualifies as "small." As someone else on the list has
noted, this NYC subsidiary had AAR box cars built in the Central's
Shops, both 10' and 10'6" IH versions, and AAR 70 ton flat cars
They also had 52'6" war emergency composite gondolas as modeld by Tichy
(IHB 6000-6299) as well as 25 NYC-design 70 ton covered hoppers for
there is an F&C/North Shore Line resin kit.

Almost entirely tank cars, most of them insulated. No correct models at
present, but one is said to be under development, and if it
it will be offered with Koppers P/L. In later years, Koppers also
some container gondolas which look as if they might have been ex-PRR

Lake Terminal
Owned both 40' and 50' mill gons. The 50' cars had 14 panels, straight
side sills, and fishbelly center sills. The 40' cars were very similar
cars owned by the Newburgh & South Shore, and in later years the Lake
Terminal absorbed the NSS fleet. I have kitbashed a model of an NSS car
from an MDC gon and the LT cars could be kitbashed in the same fashion.
The 50' cars would be more of a problem,though it might be possible to
kitbash them as well. Lettering would be a problem in either case.

Lots of USRA design 1880 cu. ft. twin hoppers (Tichy, Accurail).
once made decals, but they would be hard to find now.

McKeesport Connecting
A hundred 50'6" mill gondolas with 13 side panels, straight side sills,
fishbelly center sills. Again, as with the EJ&E mill gons, a kitbash
be possible but not easy.

Pgh & Shawmut
The Shawmutt fleet consisted almost entirely of hopper cars, none of
appear to be of a standard design that has been modeled or can be easily

Union RR (of Pgh; the USS subsidiary)
A sizeable fleet, mostly twin hoppers (including USRA-design cars) and
gondolas. The most numerous mill gons were 50'6" with straignt side
fishbelly center sills, and an odd arrangement of side posts; they also
40' 13 panel gons. Either would be difficult to kitbash.

Youngstown & Northern
A ragtag collection of old twin hoppers and 40' low side mill gons, the
latter very similar to the gons owned by the Newburgh & South shore
lower in height. For modeling, see Lake Terminal above.

In short - Elden, you may want to contemplate some easier modeling

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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