RP CYC Vol. 11 Status

Ed Hawkins

Please pardon the bandwidth for this message. I just wanted to update the group with information that RP CYC Vol. 11 was mailed to individuals taking advantage of the pre-publication offer on 2/22/05. The books were actually taken to the post office and were supposed to be mailed on 2/17/05, but a snafu within the post office allowed the books to sit for 5 days inside the post office before being processed and shipped. To all who ordered the book or will purchase the book from a dealer, Pat Wider and I thank you and we hope you enjoy it.

It has come to our attention that an error was made regarding text on page 107 that states, "The Century Foundry parts and D&G's fabulous trucks are the best of their kind but both appear to be out of business." Jim Gerstley has notified me that D&G Models is very much still in business. We sincerely apologize for this error. It is intended that this message will set the record straight for the STMFC discussion group and I have made a corresponding post to the Passenger Car List.

Pat and I are currently working on Volume 12 and I can say in advance that virtually the entire book will be on subject matter relating directly to freight cars.
Ed Hawkins

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