Re: GN truss rod box underframe help

Ted Culotta <tculotta@...>

On Feb 23, 2005, at 6:52 AM, Dean Payne wrote:

F&C finally got around to sending me replacement needle
beam/queenposts castings for my hopper bottom GN box. (This has been
over six months, two letters, three emails... but I got my parts!)
Reviewing the instructions, I may have made a mistake. The
instructions say "Cement the 'C' channels directly to the two center
beams with the 'C's facing out." I remember being puzzled...
Do the C channels go NEXT to or ON TOP of the center beams? The
illustrations and photos supplied with the kit do not show which is
meant, I suppose it can be taken either way. I may need to fix my
mistake! The underframe detail is considerable, and merits getting
it right before proceeding.

On top of.

Ted Culotta

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