Re: Walthers Express Reefer = PFE?

Dick Harley <Dick.Harley@...>

On Sun Feb 20, 2005 Mike Brock wrote:

Nevertheless, it appears that the Walthers car needs only a few changes to
make the PFE version.

One thing not mentioned by Mike is the board width on the Walthers model.
When originally built, the PFE express cars had "passenger car" wood siding,
which has a width of about 2-1/2" or 2-3/4" ( I don't have a Car Builder's
Cyc here to verify, and I don't remember for sure.) When the PFE cars were
rebuilt with the small facia board, they were built with "freight car" wood
siding, which is 3-1/4" wide. This is noticeable, and it was correctly
modeled on the recent Challenger Imports cars.

Dick Harley

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