Re: Conoco Tank Cars

Richard Hendrickson

Shawn Beckert writes:

It's probably safe to say that Continental Oil Company
(Conoco) owned 8k ACF Type-21 tank cars, since P2K did
several runs of these with 3100 series numbers. Do we
know if Conoco also owned any of the GATC tank cars as
released by Overland some time back?
I have a 1962 photo of CONX 3690, which was an 8K gal. radial course GATC
car of the type modeled by Overland. As was typical of Continental and
other tank car owner/operators, it was lumped into a large number series
(2554-3697) which obviously included 8K gal. cars other designs (including
their AC&F Type 21s). However, the 11/31 ORER shows this car in the
somewhat less inclusive number series 3400-3691, though even that series
doubtless included a variety of cars.

Not that it matters; I've discovered that neither Champ
nor Microscale makes Conoco decals, at least not currently.
May not be a problem for you, since the well-weathered car in the photo was
black with only reporting marks and data in white, the reporting marks and
numbers being in a square Gothic style that was often used on tank cars.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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