USS roads, Jacks decals, and Elden's "small road" questions

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I did want to make everyone aware, however, that Jack Consoli made
great decals for some Pittsburgh-area roads' freight cars, including
B&LE, P&WV, URR, and McK Con. One would hope that some of the cars
would eventually come out, somehow. And the decals are good for
cars that already exist, or may be easily bashed. For those
drop me a line and I will get you in contact.

Elden Gatwood
I have some of Jack's decals here at the house, nice and some
prototype placement and info come with the sheets.

Yes, the URR cars are odd as Elden, Jack and I even discussed once.
No easy way to model those....and both Jack and Elden will need them
for their layouts.

The problem I have is getting info on any USS road. For example, I
have a photo of a boxcar with a PS-0 end in what appears to be URR
MOW paint (same red-orange color as the URR MOW car next to it) and
my numerous questions about Birmingham Southern stuff that Richard H.
and a few others have been nice enough to fill in some holes.

We'll work it out, it just takes time....

Garrett Rea
Nashville, TN

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