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The first of the "Quick-Kit" one-piece sides and ends were the PRR GS and GSH gondolas. The 40 ft. gondola kits that were offered at Naperville were all "Quick-Kit" format cars. The only kits that are not "Quick-Kit" kits are the C&O and CC&O (Clinchfield) kits. These are the traditional flat kits.

There are a total of 18 different railroads represented in this latest offering. The roads offered are:
NYC; C&O (4 versions in two number series); Clinchfield (CC&O); ACL (3 versions including 2 classes and a subclass); P&WV (2 Versions); W&LE/NKP; Rio Grande; Alaska; T&P (2 Versions); CofGa; Wabash; Pere Marquette; GM&O; CNW/CMO (2 versions); GN; NP; SP&S; and DSS&A.

As far as people getting the flyers, Ed, you are not the only person missed as some of my friends who also order have been missed. I think that Martin's mailing list has gotten so large that they are not making as many mailings as before, in addition to the fact that they are now always 6 months behind in their orders. Because of this, ordering frequency may also have something to do with this.

Martin was supposed to attend the Timonium Great Scale Train Show the first weekend in February, but had to relinquish his tables due to their moving the business to new quarters. They have finally gotten out of the house into space that is more conducive to making and packaging the kits. It also solved a problem with running a manufacturing business in a residential location which in most towns is a no-no! I spoke with Martin last week and he is getting ready to go to California for the four shows he normally attends/runs including the Orange Empire Show at Perris and WinterRail. So you fellas in Southern Cal can look forward to seeing him along with some new goodies that he has coming out.
The PRR crowd can look forward to seeing the X26C and X29B boxcars in flat kit versions sometime this year. Martin advised that Frank Hodina has completed new updated masters and Martin plans to issue them as soon as he gets through what is presently on the casting schedule in the way of new offerings.


Tom Olsen

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