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Ian Cranstone

Rob, this is a very interesting shot -- I've looked through a lot of equipment registers over the years, and have never seen this car listed. There was a BCER 101, but it too was a propane car built by GATC in 1953 (I have builder's photos of BCER 102, part of series 101-103). This photo is obviously of a much older car. Interestingly, these other cars remained on BCER's roster through 1962 (gone by 7/1963), which makes the number stencilled on the side sill a little bit odd, given that there was a very different BCER 101 in service at this time.

I'm guessing that this car was either no longer in service, or was in captive service -- you'll note the arch bar trucks, which would have been illegal for interchange in 1960. If I had to guess, I'd say that this car probably shuttled between their plant and the harbour front (or some other local plant), and probably never left the plant grounds, or perhaps was permitted by the railway for that short distance. You'll also notice that there isn't any capacity lettering on it other than a tare weight, which also suggests that it isn't in interchange service.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

On 26-Feb-05, at 12:16 PM, Rob Kirkham wrote:

I have acquired a print of this interesting car, taken in 1960. My 1953 ORER does not list this car owner (a large factory in Vancouver, B.C.) Looking at a small patch of black paint stenciled over one of the trucks, I see

Vancouver BC

Looking at the 1953 BCER listing, there is a car #100 in propane service. The car I am looking at doesn't look anything like a propane car. A scan of the car is at under BC Sugar tank 101. I'd appreciate any tips on/pointers to the history of this car, and any maker/design info as well.

Thanks in advance

Rob Kirkham

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