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Roger Hinman <rhinman@...>

Winter 1996 issue of the Wabash historical society is an all ART issue.

Prior to the MMOD articles, I did an MDT overview for the NYCHS headlight
which had an alltime roster(with a few errors)

To my current scheme of identifying car types, I 've got reasonably accurate counts

Roger Hinman

On Feb 26, 2005, at 3:42 PM, ed_mines wrote:

Have comprehensive stories ever been done on ART or MDT rolling stock
(maybe in one of the society magazines)?

I'm surprised that an ART article never appeared in Ed Hawkins
Cyclopedias considering ART's St. Louis area RR sponsership. Drips
and drabs have appeared in several places including Westerfield and
Sunshine data sheets and Ed's Cyclopedia.

Roger Hinman provided a lot of MDT information in MM and I have the
book "Great Yellow Fleet" but I'm still a little fuzzy on MDT roster
(relative numbers of each car). I think I've been overestimating the
numbers of wood sided cars with metal ends.

Ed (and Ted) are good at finding pictures I haven't seen before from
such high priced sources as the Smithsonian Pullman collection.


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