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Since nobody has mentioned the following points (which may be obvious
to NH fans but possibly not others):

1. All McGinnis (or "New Image" as some prefer) paint schemes on 40
foot boxcars were repaints done in 1954 or later. The PS-1s were
delivered in "Carhide Brown" with black doors and "NYNH&H" script
heralds - as reported by Ed Hawkins some time ago on this list. Any
repaints before 1954 would have had the same scheme, but with the
doors brown instead of black. While the McGinnis cars fall within the
scope of steam-era, none ever ran behind NH steam (which was gone by

2. While I don't have sources handy, I think the red-orange (or "NH
red) and especially the black with orange door schemes were only
applied to AAR standard cars originally built between 1941 and 1944.
The black scheme was part of a 'sell and lease back' idea of Pat
McGinnis' witht he different paint as one indicator of the leased
status. The brown "NH" scheme would be reasonable for a post-1954
repaint of a NH PS-1.

Pieter Roos

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Looking over the available Accu-cal sets today, I came across
this set for "McGinnis Era" paint and lettering:

Note that the number series for the oxide-brown and "New Haven
Red" cars is the same, 33500-35999. A couple of questions:

1) The New Haven's PS-1's are from the 1947-1948 era. AFAIK
Kadee's PS-1 car models the later version produced in the
1950's. Would the Intermountain PS-1 have the correct carbody
to model the New Haven cars?

2) Was there any pattern or system as far as which cars were
painted "oxide" and which were "New Haven Red", or was it
totally random, depending on the paint shop or whatever?

Thanks for the help,

Shawn Beckert

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