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Brian Termunde

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Hi all;

I was wondering if you all could furnish me with feedback on the job we
are doing on The Keystone Modeler. We could use any advice you would
chose to share.

----> Elden,
I am not by any means a Pennsy modeler. I model the Grand Canyon District of
the Santa Fe Rwy. However, I look forward to each months edition of The
Keystone Modeler. You have one of the best, if not the best 'magazines' out
there. I find something of interest in each and every issue, even though it seems
most pertains to that 'Horribly Oversized' <G> scale, rather then Normal
Scale. I mention this strictly as a comment rather then an complaint as I know
that you can only publish what you get. I do hope that PRR modelers of N climb
aboard and help support the Keystone. Regardless, please keep up the good
work, I have NO complaints, and only the highest regards for your efforts. Thank
you for sharing with all of us Non-'Standard Railroad of the World' Modelers.

Take Care!

Brian R. Termunde
West Jordan, Utah

"Ship and Travel the Grand Canyon Line!"
Grand Canyon Railway
Utah District

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