Re: Freight car Type designations

Bob Webber <zephyr1@...>

At 03:51 AM 3/5/2005, you wrote:
Todays discussion on the PRR downturn and 'archiving' of rolling stock
also reinforces why a small nugget like the D&RGW bought second hand
from Eastern roads post war and 50's. It wasnt just parsimony but also
simply cost-efficient with the wealth of resource available- and the
glut cant have made sell-off prices all that attractive.
You also have to remember where the D&RGW was financially at that point. They were in or just getting out of receivership after a long spell of having been owned by the WP & MP. They were about to be on their own, had merged the D&SL in and they had to convince the courts and the receivers of what was worth buying. That also meant that some protected rates and shipments weren't protected any more.

Remember too that the gons that were part of the lease for he war board Challengers were being kicked off property, making for some difficulty. This era was also a very difficult time for the railroads in the West to put a finger on. First the war traffic, then a drop and a recession, then a war on, then a drop then a boom then another drop then a boom. In some ways the West was more insulated, but until the clean coal acts came about, and the coal was being exported far beyond the usual characters, the Grande had to make do with the bridge traffic from the WP/MP/CB&Q - if it was lucky. At the same time it had to completely rebuild parts of the system, buy new diesels, new passenger equipment (which it did rather cheaply and effectively) and attempt to figure out how the freight market was going to shake out.

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