Re: (DRGW) Freight car Type designations

Bob Webber <zephyr1@...>

Not sure if this is a similar car or not.

I *think* (without the material right at hand) that the UP cars were either taller or shorter.

At 06:51 AM 3/7/2005, you wrote:

Bob and friends,

Once again this points to the need for a model of the D&RGW's GATC 46'
GS gons. They are Rio Grande signature cars. And of course the WP bought
identical cars. :-P The UP also rostered some 46' GS gons. I have
never seen any pictures of these. Does anyone know how these compared to
the D&RGW/WP cars?

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

Bob Webber wrote:

. . . Look at what Jim Eager put together on the web page at the
listed web site for starters. If you want to provide a date and locale I
can provide a better idea. Be prepared for one major disappointment if
modeling pre 1960 - and that is that a large part of the fleet and the
percentage in the trains (and that goes for the ATSF trains going to
Fortuna) were cars that have not been massed produced (for the Rio Grande)
yet - GS Gons.

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