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You use what is comfortable to you. I use Excel. I have used programs made for inventory, the problem with them is that once you buy them, you are stuck in a sense because they seldom live long - and as other things progress they don't and eventually you have to reenter your data. Which I've had to do with my books at least 4 times because of this - the proprietary software "died" (that is, didn't get a new version to meet the new OS and I had to get something that would work with the new OS and then that one didn't and so on) so now I work on programs that don't have that issue - or shouldn't.

It's easy enough for people to cast stones, but the easy response to that is that at least Ted is up there providing material so that they can get their stuff out of boxes. And then there are the articles, books and sessions people give. Answers in forums like this. It all eats at your time. Add to that the time spent with various Historical Societies and pretty soon more and more kits are in the hopper waiting to be built. It's easy to throw stones when all you do is build and model on your own and are the recipient of others' work.

And naturally, those same people don't show their appreciation for those who provide their time at such gatherings, or lists, who write articles or books - and while I'm at it - thanks to all!

At 02:10 PM 3/7/2005, you wrote:

What does Ted use?

I'm a Mac user, and currently use Excel for this, though FileMakerPro (for
both Macs and PCs) would work. While I don't do so, you can even insert a
photo of the item in your spreadsheet (or database for that matter).

Brian Ehni

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Subject: [STMFC] Computerized Freightcar Inventory Database Programs


At the Sunshine Models meet at Buena Park this weekend,
Ted Culotta did a presentation on "Computers in Modeling".
One of the subjects he touched on was using a computer
database program to make an inventory of the freightcars
in our collections, showing a variety of useful information.

The poor guy was harassed unmercifully when it became obvious
how many cars in his fleet were still in unbuilt condition,
though nobody else dared say their closet looked any different!

A question for the listmembers: Ted is solidly a Macintosh user;
are there any PC-based inventory programs out there that could
be used to construct a database of our freightcar fleets? I'd
like to know about the more "user-friendly" programs; I'm not
that concerned about cost at the moment.


Shawn Beckert

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