Re: Computerized Freight car Inventory Database Programs

Old Sourdough <pmeaton@...>

At 11:56 AM 3/7/2005 -0800, Shawn Beckert wrote:

"...A question for the list members: Ted is solidly a Macintosh user;
are there any PC-based inventory programs out there that could
be used to construct a database of our freight car fleets? I'd
like to know about the more "user-friendly" programs; I'm not
that concerned about cost at the moment.


Shawn Beckert"

You might look at Visual Train Caboodle at:

It may well fit your needs and then some. I use this company's products
and found them to be user friendly and stable, as well as inexpensive for
the benefit provided. If "VTC" is more that you need, may I suggest
Trainventory at:

If you decide to check these programs out, tell Dean the Old Sourdough said

Have fun.

Paul Eaton
The Old Sourdough
Ruksakinmakiak, Alaska, US of A

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