scrap gons


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Scrap dealers commonly cut holes in the sides to fasten banding to
cars that didn'thave tie-downs, which I am sure irritated the
owner. I also remember watching magnet operators purposely bashing
the ends and sides out of gons as idle amusement. Would you send
your nice new gons to these guys after they came back bashed to
death? Similarly, would you send good gons into hot coil service
after they came back burned out?

When I worked at Kodak Park in the mid '70s they used an old 1920s
era NYC 40 ft. gon to move scrap from one location to another.
Sometimes they tack welded large items to the sides or to each other
to prevent them from shifting. They had to burn those welds to get
the pieces out. Sometimes a large item would get wedged in between
the sides and they's have to cut it (burn it with a torch) to get it


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