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I use ProTrak, an operations program to generate switchlists, etc. for my model railroad. Of course, part of the set-up is the inventory of equipment. There are separate screens for freight cars, passenger cars, locomotives. You can sort by roadname, AAR class. In addition, there is an Inventory feature that allows you to enter specific kit information (mfg., part no., paint and decal info, etc.)

You can download a free demo version of the program at

I believe that you can enter your own freight car data in the demo program and save it. Might be all that you need. You can also "play" with the demo program for operations.

I have the lifetime version and it has been years since I looked at the older demo program (you couldn't add your freight cars in the older version). So I'm not really up on the demo, but you might find it helpful.

Best wishes.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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At the Sunshine Models meet at Buena Park this weekend,
Ted Culotta did a presentation on "Computers in Modeling".
One of the subjects he touched on was using a computer
database program to make an inventory of the freightcars
in our collections, showing a variety of useful information.

The poor guy was harassed unmercifully when it became obvious
how many cars in his fleet were still in unbuilt condition,
though nobody else dared say their closet looked any different!

A question for the listmembers: Ted is solidly a Macintosh user;
are there any PC-based inventory programs out there that could
be used to construct a database of our freightcar fleets? I'd
like to know about the more "user-friendly" programs; I'm not
that concerned about cost at the moment.


Shawn Beckert

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