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Can anyone suggest a way to get these specific signs?? Or at
least where I can get alphabets in different fonts?
While waiting for my wife to finish pouring over all the junk, err
antiques at a local antique mall, I found a rack of guides to antique
collecting. One was about enamel signs. It had a hundred pages or
so of pictures of enamel advertising signs pictured in color, 4-6
signs per page. Every thing from clothes to coal to gum to electric

The signs could be photocopied or scanned and printed on photoquality
paper to make appropriate signage on your home layout.

Also Woodland Scenics and Microscale sell dry transfers and decals
(respectively) for signs. If you are doing a large building with a
Purina checkerboard, model aircraft hobby shops sell decal paper with
a red or white or rewand white checkerboard pattern.

Dave H.

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