Re: Computerized Freightcar Inventory Database Programs

Brian Paul Ehni <behni@...>

Sounding more and more like FileMaker; it's really a great product, and IS

Or maybe you should just get a Mac! 8^)

Brian Ehni

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Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2005 14:57:27 -0800
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Subject: [STMFC] Re: Computerized Freightcar Inventory Database Programs

Andy Miller wrote:

I can add my name to the growing list of people who use Excel for their
rolling stock data base. I maintain three Excel spreadsheets; one for
freight cars, one for passenger cars and one for motive power.
I don't remember the name of the software Ted was using to construct his
data base (once he said it was Mac-based, I kind of zoned out), but I
do know that it wasn't Excel. It was much cleaner looking, and he had
quite a bit of information in it. One thing he was able to do was organize
cars by AAR designation (XM, XAP, etc.) and assign them accordingly to trains
and even industries. Now *that* is a feature I can put to good use.

Ted's out-of-state at the moment, but hopefully he'll be at Winterail next
weekend and I can pick his brains a bit more on the software he's using.

Shawn Beckert

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