Re: IMWX/Des Plaines boxcars with Viking roofs

Clyde Williams <billdgoat@...>

--- In STMFC@..., Mike Aufderheide <mononinmonon@y...>

I was at Des Plaines last week and they have the Erie
car in stock with the large herald for 18 bucks. They
also have one for CEI. Is this car correct?

Mike Aufderheide

I bought the C&EI car some time ago for the "Buy War Bonds"
lettering, as I model 1943.
I will leave to those more learned about the accuracy of the car
itself but a while ago I noticed in a WWII issue of Railroad magazine
about the C&EI coming out (before the 9-'43 time I model)with the war
bonds message on a number of their cars. The first in the series was
#64150. I checked my car and it was #64150. Kudos to Des Plaines
Hobbies for doing their research, at least on the lettering part.
Bill Williams

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