Re: Computerized Freightcar Inventory Database Programs

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One advantage of a database program (at least the ones that I have
over Excel is that you can set up drop-down lists for each field.
You can make Excel function almost like a database by writing VBA
macros behind the spreadsheet.

Having said that, it is way easier to just use a database and do it
right from the beginning than try and force a spreadsheet to look
like a database. Even some of the $25 el-cheapo bargain bin
databases can do a pretty good job of organizing a roster. The major
limitation I have seen with some of them is how many columns you can
sort by, how sophisticated your forms can be.

I wrote an Access 97 database for creating car cards which can be
used for inventory purposes also. Its available on the Car Cards
Yahoo group files section, in the MS Office Applications folder (I
think). You have to have Access 97 (or newer) to run it. Its free

Dave H.

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