Re: RI 50' Boxcar

Ed Hawkins

On Monday, March 7, 2005, at 05:17 PM, vgnry wrote:

Folks, in my decal bin I discovered an Oddballs Set #187-450 for a
green "RI 50' Boxcar (3-51), Series 110012-110024, Proto 2000 Kit".
I'm a sucker for neat decals, so I am sure I bought it without much
thought to the car. But now that I have rediscovered this set can
someone please help steer me to the correct car to match the decal?
Time to use them. And what commercial paint might match or come close
to the "dark green" suggeted by the set?
These cars aren't listed in the 1/59 ORER but are listed in 7/62. I
don't have immediate access to any ORERs between these dates to find
out when the cars were renumbered. The RI Color Guide shows a photo of
110012 but this is a 1967 photo. The book states the cars were leased
(GAEX reporting marks) before RI took ownership. That being the case,
the prototype cars built by General American in the early 1950s had
Duryea underframes and straight side sills. Perhaps Steve Hile can shed
some more information about these cars, however, it's probably going to
be post-1960 data and outside the scope of this forum. Railmodel
Journal published a couple of articles on cars of this type in 1990-91.
Ed Hawkins

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