Re: IMWX/Des Plaines boxcars with Viking roofs

Michael Aufderheide


First, I appologize, I did not read your first e-mail
clearly enough. As for the Erie, only the big herald
was there as you mentioned and the website shows. As
for the SOO, they have both the '50's billboard and
the dollar sign herald in. I remember this because I
had just picked up a dollar sign herald car off the
bargain table for half price about a month ago. Very
Odd. The SOO have rectangular panel roofs however.
I'm still looking for a car with the viking roof for
my layout too.


Mike Aufderheide

--- Dean Payne <deanpayne@...> wrote:

Actually, their web site shows the Erie with the
Large herald, which
is wrong for my late 30's time frame. They also
show the Soo car
with the "50's style early block lettering". Nope,
that won't do
either! The Erie (small herald), NKP or C&O are
what I am looking
for. I don't think they are making any more, since
the web site
hasn't changed in... a long time. Perhaps it
doesn't reflect what is
available? No CE&I is listed (despite the rumor to
the contrary on
this list...)
Dean Payne

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