Car Classifications for Commodities

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<< These Rules may have been in effect before 1960, but were never
published as part of the Car Service Rules in the ORER's. I do know that
boxcars were classified in yards after WW II as type A, B, C or D
(sometimes X), but this is the first thing I have seen in elaborating
what Class D and, perhaps, C were. >>

The Transportation Division of the AAR issued Circular T-25 in 1937 which
addressed the contamination of Auto and Box cars. This circular was the basis
for subsequent revisions; T-56 dated May 1, 1939 was eventually replaced by
T-213 which was the basis for Car Service Rule 18 adopted on January 1, 1950.
Rule 18 was the first to allow penalties and reimbursements for contamination of
car by owning roads. Many AAR circulars were printed within the ORER when
first issued. Searches of issues might yield the full wording of said circulars.

The above classifications supplied by Tim were essentially the same
throughout the period (1937-1960) though a few contaminating commodities were
revised/added and listed within different classifications. The 1955 list was submitted
within the first year of the STMFC list.


Guy Wilber
Earthquake Faults, Nevada

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